About Us

I Created eCoinCoop to better explore and share the wonderful niche of crypto currencies. I run a number of businesses online and in this time I've had to adjust the way my customers can pay me in order to keep up with the times.

The thing is crypto was a difficult thing for me to implement due to lack of knowledge. I made some mistakes along the way, mistakes I hope others don't make and that's why I created this blog. So stick around for great tech & crypto posts.

What Blogging Software Do We Use?

I also created this blog because i wanted to flex the new WonderCMS. Oh Man I love flatfile CMS and this one is by far the tinniest.

What Script Do We Use For Our Plugwall?

We are using a custom coded plug wall script. The premise behind it is: 6 banners show at any given time when the 7th person posts their banner, the first banner on the list is then bumped off. So people return daily to post there ads. I also run 7 traffic exchanging sites so the banners displayed always gets lots of Fresh eyes all day long making it a top place to visit and promote your crypto program or affiliate offer. Click Here! to post an ad.

What Crypto Programs Do We Recommend?

*AutoViewz.com - Auto surf Traffic Exchange. You can earn crypto here!

*Crypto-Adz.com - Crypto Banner Exchange, You Can Earn XMR here.

*A-Ads.com - Anonymous PPC, CPM, Advertising. 

About Us!

I created eCoinCoop to better explore and share the wonderful world of crypto.

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