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I Strongly urge you to DYOR on Cardano, I'm Extreamly Bullish On $ADA - WGAMI :)

The Crypto Markets - Do Your Own Research

It's not My place to tell you what to invest in. however, I strongly Suggest you be very careful. FOMOing in to some junk alt coin or NFT project with no prooven track record bar a few empty words posted on social media, could spell disaster financially. If your new to crypto investing, start slow, DYOR on the basic Trustworthy Coins such as: bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, these coins have been around for the longest and have all done well for investors during bull markets. Now is the best time in my opinion to be purchaseing these coins as they have such a great track record thus far, and by far have the best development teams.

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